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Unraveling the Secrets of Hotelscom Rewards: Earn More Stay for Free

Title: Unraveling the Secrets of Rewards ProgramAre you a frequent traveler looking for ways to make your hotel stays more rewarding? Look no further than Rewards program! In this article, we will dive into the ins and outs of this popular loyalty program, exploring how you can earn and redeem free nights, as well as uncovering some valuable caveats and limitations.

Get ready to unlock a world of exciting possibilities with Rewards Program

Earning Free Nights Rewards is all about earning points towards free nights. Every time you book a hotel with, you earn points that can be redeemed for future stays.

The more you book, the more you earn! Here’s what you need to know:

– Rewards: Enrolling in the program is free and easy. Simply create an account on and start earning points from your very first booking.

– Elite-Qualifying Nights: In addition to earning points, you can also earn elite-qualifying nights. These are the nights you actually spend at a hotel.

Earning a certain number of elite-qualifying nights within a calendar year can grant you special privileges and elite status. – Elite Status: Achieving elite status brings you a host of benefits, such as priority customer service, a price guarantee on your bookings, exclusive deals, upgrades, and even late check-out or early check-in options.

The more elite-qualifying nights you accumulate, the higher your elite status will be. So, keep booking and climbing the Rewards ladder!

– Booking Direct: Did you know that booking directly through earns you more points?

By skipping the middleman and booking directly on their website or app, you can maximize your rewards and get closer to those free nights.

Redeeming Free Nights

Now that you’ve earned those coveted points, let’s dive into how you can redeem them for free nights at

– Free Nights: Redeeming your points for free nights is as simple as selecting the hotel and dates you desire. Once you’ve found your perfect stay, apply your points at checkout, and enjoy a well-deserved break without spending a dime!

– Taxes and Fees: While the nights themselves are free, it’s important to note that taxes and fees may still apply.

Make sure to read the fine print before booking to avoid any surprises. – Flexibility: allows you the flexibility to use your free nights on any hotel.

No blackout dates mean you have the freedom to choose whenever and wherever you want to travel. – Booking Options: Free nights can be combined with other payment methods, such as using a credit card for additional nights or adding extra guests.

This flexibility lets you customize your stay to suit your needs. Caveats and Limitations of Rewards Program

Limitations for

Earning Free Nights

While Rewards program offers great benefits, there are a few limitations you should be aware of:

– Select Bookings: Not all bookings are eligible for earning points.

Some exclusions may apply, such as bookings made through certain affiliate sites or discount coupons. Always check the terms and conditions before making a reservation.

– Cancellations and Non-Check-Ins: It’s important to note that cancellations or not checking into your reservation may result in a forfeiture of points earned. Make sure to honor your bookings to fully reap the rewards of the program.

– Group Travel Services: Although Rewards program can be used for individual bookings, it may not be applicable to group travel services. Check with for further information regarding group bookings.

Elite Status Benefits

Earning elite status comes with its perks. Here’s what you can expect with Rewards program:

– Silver Status: With 10 or more elite-qualifying nights, you will achieve Silver status.

Enjoy priority customer service, exclusive price guarantees, and access to special deals. – Gold Status: Take your rewards to the next level with Gold status.

Accrue 30 or more elite-qualifying nights to unlock exciting benefits, including room upgrades, late check-out or early check-in options, and even more exclusive deals. Conclusion:

With Rewards program, your hotel stays can become much more rewarding.

By earning points and elite-qualifying nights, you can unlock free nights and enjoy a range of perks and benefits. Just remember to be aware of the limitations for earning and redeeming rewards.

Happy travels and enjoy maximizing your hotel experiences with Rewards!

When to Use

Booking Unique and Remote Properties is an ideal platform for booking unique and remote properties that may not be affiliated with large hotel chains. Whether you’re searching for a charming boutique hotel, an enchanting ski resort, a luxurious Four Seasons property, or a magical stay at a Disney resort, has got you covered.

Here’s why is the go-to choice for these types of bookings:

– Boutique Hotels: If you’re a traveler who craves authenticity and prefers to stay in one-of-a-kind accommodations, offers an extensive selection of boutique hotels. These cozy establishments are often independently owned and showcase a distinct personality that can transport you into a world of timeless charm and elegance.

– Ski Resorts: When planning a ski vacation, provides a plethora of options, enabling you to find the perfect resort that caters to your winter sports desires. From slopeside luxury to quaint lodges nestled amid picturesque mountains, you can uncover the ideal accommodation to complement your skiing adventure.

– Four Seasons Properties: Known for their impeccable service and world-class amenities, Four Seasons properties are synonymous with luxury and indulgence. With, you can easily book a stay at one of these renowned hotels, allowing you to enjoy unparalleled comfort and elegance during your travels.

– Disney Resorts: allows you to unlock the magic of Disney by offering a range of Disney resort options for your dream vacation. From the whimsical resorts within the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida to the enchanting Disneyland Resort in California, grants you access to the enchantment and wonder of these unforgettable destinations.

– No Blackout Dates: Rewards program does not impose blackout dates, giving you the freedom to use your earned points for stays at these unique and remote properties all year round. So, whether you crave a magical Disney experience or desire to escape to a remote boutique hotel, ensures that you receive the rewards you deserve on your terms.

Not Suitable for Regular Stays at Large Hotel Chains

While is a fantastic option for certain types of accommodation, it may not be the most suitable choice for regular stays at large hotel chains like Hilton, Hyatt, or Marriott. Here’s why:

– Book Directly: If you frequently stay at large hotel chains and have elite status with them, it’s often more beneficial to book directly through their websites or apps.

Booking directly allows you to maximize the benefits associated with your elite status, such as room upgrades, priority room assignments, and access to exclusive amenities. –

Elite Status Benefits: Large hotel chains often offer their own loyalty programs that provide additional advantages, such as earning hotel points and enjoying elite status perks.

By booking directly, you can ensure that your stays are honored for elite benefits and earn points towards future stays or other rewards. – Loyalty Program Points: When booking directly, you have the opportunity to accrue points specific to the loyalty program of the hotel chain, further enhancing your rewards and benefits.

These points can be redeemed for free nights, dining vouchers, or even airline miles, depending on the program.

Quadruple Dip for Extra Rewards

One of the unique advantages of using is the opportunity to “quadruple dip” and stack up additional rewards. Here’s how you can make the most of your bookings on

– Discounted Gift Cards: To amplify your savings and rewards, consider purchasing discounted gift cards for from reputable online platforms.

You can often find gift cards sold at a lower price than their face value, effectively reducing your costs and allowing you to earn more rewards. – Credit Card Points: Some credit cards offer bonus points or cashback when you use them for a booking.

Be sure to check if your credit card provider offers these perks and take advantage of them to gain even more rewards. – Online Shopping Portal: partners with various online shopping portals that offer additional rewards or cashback when you make your hotel bookings through their platform.

These portals often feature popular retailers, giving you the opportunity to earn rewards on your everyday purchases while simultaneously earning rewards for your hotel stays. – Rewards: Of course, don’t forget to maximize your earnings through the Rewards program itself.

By booking your accommodations through, you’ll earn valuable points towards future free nights, allowing you to make the most of your loyalty to the platform. Comparing Bookings through vs.

Direct Bookings

Benefits of Direct Bookings with Hotel Chains

When booking accommodation, there are certain benefits to be gained from booking directly with hotel chains. Consider the following advantages:

– Elite Status: Direct bookings with hotel chains allow you to ensure that your elite status benefits are fully honored.

This includes perks like complimentary room upgrades, late check-outs, early check-ins, and access to exclusive lounges or amenities. – Hotel Points: Booking directly often allows you to earn hotel-specific loyalty program points, which can be accumulated and redeemed for free nights or other rewards.

These incentivized programs can offer fantastic value for frequent travelers who prioritize earning points and enjoying the benefits associated with them. – Honoring Elite Status: When you book directly, hotels are more likely to honor your elite status benefits, ensuring that you receive the personalized treatment you deserve.

This can include enhanced service, special recognition, and a heightened level of care throughout your stay. – Upgrades and Room Assignment: By booking directly with hotel chains, you have a better chance of securing room upgrades and specific room assignments, allowing you to tailor your stay according to your preferences.

Financial Advantage of Using for Unique or Luxury Properties

While direct bookings with hotel chains have their advantages, there are financial benefits to using, especially when booking unique or luxury properties:

– Unique Properties: offers a wide range of unique accommodations, including boutique hotels and remote lodges that may not be part of large hotel chains. By booking through, you can find incredible options that cater to your specific travel preferences and requirements.

– Luxury Properties: Luxury properties often come with a high price tag. However, using can help manage the cost, as the platform frequently offers discounted rates and special promotions for luxury properties.

By taking advantage of these deals, you can enjoy the indulgence and opulence of luxury accommodations while still staying within your budget. – Financial Sense: The financial advantage of using for unique or luxury properties is evident when you consider the potential return on your investment.

By earning reward nights through the Rewards program, you can effectively receive up to a 20% return when redeeming your points for free nights. This can significantly reduce the overall cost of your stay at high-end or remote properties.

In conclusion, is a valuable platform for booking unique and remote properties such as boutique hotels, ski resorts, Four Seasons properties, and Disney resorts. However, for regular stays at large hotel chains, booking directly may offer more benefits pertaining to elite status and loyalty program points.

By “quadruple dipping” with discounted gift cards, credit card points, online shopping portals, and Rewards, you can further maximize your rewards and savings. Understanding the advantages of direct bookings with hotel chains, such as honoring elite status, earning hotel points, and accessing specific benefits, is also crucial.

Nevertheless, when it comes to unique or luxury properties, using can make financial sense, offering discounted rates and the opportunity to earn substantial rewards through their loyalty program. In conclusion, Rewards program is a valuable tool for travelers seeking to maximize their hotel stays.

By earning points and elite-qualifying nights, guests can enjoy free nights, exclusive benefits, and exciting upgrades. While is ideal for booking unique and remote properties like boutique hotels, ski resorts, Four Seasons properties, and Disney resorts, direct bookings with hotel chains may be more advantageous for regular stays, providing access to elite status perks and hotel-specific loyalty programs.

By understanding the benefits and limitations of each option, travelers can make informed decisions that suit their travel preferences and goals. Remember, whether you choose or book directly, finding the perfect accommodation can enhance your travel experiences and create lifelong memories.

Happy booking!

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