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Unlock Unforgettable Journeys with World of Hyatt and SLH Hotels

Unlocking the World of Hyatt: A Guide to Earning and Redeeming Points at Small Luxury Hotels of the World

Traveling the world is a privilege, but what if you could make it even better by enjoying exclusive benefits and rewards along the way? The World of Hyatt loyalty program allows you to do just that, with its extensive list of perks and partnerships.

One such partnership that deserves your attention is its collaboration with Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH). In this article, we will delve into the details of this alliance and highlight some of the featured SLH hotels where you can earn and redeem your hard-earned Hyatt points.

Earning and Redeeming World of Hyatt Points at SLH Hotels

The first thing to know about the partnership between World of Hyatt and SLH is that it opens the door to a world of opportunities when it comes to points. As a World of Hyatt member, you can now earn and redeem points at SLH hotels, expanding the scope of your travel possibilities.

When it comes to earning points, the process is quite straightforward. Stay at any participating SLH hotel and you will be eligible to earn 5 base points per eligible US dollar spent.

Plus, members with elite status can enjoy additional bonuses on top of their base points. You can earn points for all eligible charges, including room rates, dining, and spa services.

The more you stay, the more points you accumulate, bringing you closer to unforgettable rewards. Redeeming your hard-earned points at SLH hotels is equally exciting.

With over 500 SLH properties around the world, you have plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re yearning for a luxurious escape in the heart of a bustling city or a secluded retreat amidst nature’s bounties, SLH has something to suit every taste.

From the sun-drenched beaches of Mexico to the mystical allure of Costa Rica’s rainforests, your points can take you on extraordinary adventures.

Additional Benefits for World of Hyatt Members at SLH Properties

Beyond the thrill of earning and redeeming points, World of Hyatt members can also enjoy a range of exclusive benefits during their stay at SLH properties. These benefits are designed to elevate your experience and make you feel like a valued guest.

One of the most appreciated perks is the continental breakfast offered to all World of Hyatt members at SLH hotels. Waking up to a sumptuous spread of freshly baked pastries, aromatic coffee, and a selection of seasonal fruits is a delightful way to start your day.

Don’t forget to savor every bite, because it’s on the house, courtesy of your loyalty. Room upgrades are another enticing benefit awaiting World of Hyatt members.

Imagine checking into your room and being pleasantly surprised to find that you’ve been upgraded to a suite with breathtaking views. It’s a game-changer for your vacation, taking your stay to the next level of luxury and comfort.

While staying connected is essential in today’s fast-paced world, Wi-Fi charges can sometimes be an unwelcome surprise. However, World of Hyatt members don’t have to worry about connectivity woes at SLH hotels since complimentary Wi-Fi is part of the package.

Stay connected to loved ones, share your travel adventures on social media, or simply stream your favorite movies without any extra charges. Additionally, World of Hyatt members can enjoy early check-in and late checkout privileges, ensuring a smooth and stress-free travel experience.

Begin your vacation sooner by checking in early, or savor every last moment of relaxation by extending your checkout time. These small gestures go a long way in making your stay more enjoyable and convenient.

Featured SLH Hotels for Earning and Redeeming Hyatt Points

Now that you’re familiar with the perks of the partnership between World of Hyatt and SLH, let’s explore some of the featured SLH hotels where you can earn and redeem your Hyatt points. 1.

Tabacon Thermal Resort and Spa Nuevo Arenal, Arenal, Costa Rica

– Located at the foot of the majestic Arenal Volcano, this luxurious resort offers guests a unique opportunity to experience the healing powers of thermal waters. Surrounded by lush rainforests, Tabacon Thermal Resort and Spa blends seamlessly with nature, providing an immersive and rejuvenating experience.

Earning and redeeming points for a stay here is a dream come true for nature enthusiasts. 2.

Villas del Mar, San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

– Situated in the picturesque coastal town of San Jose del Cabo, Villas del Mar offers the perfect blend of serenity and luxury. With its private beach club, multi-bedroom villas, and breathtaking ocean views, this SLH property is a jewel in Mexico’s crown.

Redeeming your hard-earned points for a stay here guarantees an unforgettable experience.

In Conclusion

The partnership between World of Hyatt and Small Luxury Hotels of the World opens up a world of possibilities for travelers and travel enthusiasts alike. From earning and redeeming points to enjoying exclusive benefits during your stay, this collaboration ensures that your journey is nothing short of extraordinary.

So, pack your bags, unlock the world of Hyatt, and embark on a memorable adventure through the SLH network, where luxury meets loyalty. Additional

Featured SLH Hotels for Earning and Redeeming Hyatt Points

In our previous sections, we explored the world of opportunities that awaits World of Hyatt members at Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH).

Continuing our journey, let’s delve into more featured SLH hotels where you can earn and redeem your valuable Hyatt points. These properties showcase the diversity and excellence that define the SLH network, allowing you to create unforgettable memories wherever your travels may take you.

3. Brick Hotel, Mexico City, Mexico

Nestled in the vibrant Roma neighborhood of Mexico City, the Brick Hotel is a belle epoque gem that effortlessly combines classic elegance with contemporary sophistication.

As soon as you walk through the doors of this meticulously restored mansion, you’ll be transported to a bygone era of grandeur and charm. Each room and suite is uniquely styled, blending antique furnishings with modern amenities to create a luxurious and comfortable retreat.

Earning and redeeming Hyatt points for a stay at the Brick Hotel is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the cultural and culinary wonders of Mexico City. From exploring the historic city center to indulging in delicious local cuisine, every moment will be filled with discovery and delight.

The hotel’s prime location allows you to easily access some of the city’s most iconic landmarks, such as the Zocalo and the Palacio de Bellas Artes. Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of Mexico’s capital and let the Brick Hotel be your oasis of tranquility in the midst of it all.

4. Rockliffe Hall, Darlington, United Kingdom

Escape to the British countryside and discover the exquisite Rockliffe Hall, a hidden gem tucked away in Darlington, United Kingdom.

This magnificent country estate offers a luxurious retreat surrounded by 375 acres of beautiful parkland. Immerse yourself in tranquility as you meander through landscaped gardens, enjoy a round of golf on the championship course, or indulge in a rejuvenating spa experience.

Rockliffe Hall is not just a hotel; it’s a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and relaxation seekers alike. Redeem your Hyatt points for a stay at this idyllic retreat and immerse yourself in the lush greenery and peaceful ambiance that defines the English countryside.

Whether you’re teeing off on the golf course, exploring the walking trails, or pampering yourself with a spa treatment, Rockliffe Hall promises to be a sanctuary of serenity. 5.

Tiara Chateau Hotel Mont Royal, La Chapelle-en-Serval, France

Step into a fairytale setting at the Tiara Chateau Hotel Mont Royal, a French castle-like chateau nestled in the idyllic countryside, just a stone’s throw away from the vibrant city of Paris. This SLH property is a true masterpiece, showcasing architectural splendor combined with modern comfort.

Each room and suite is elegantly appointed, reflecting the chateau’s rich history while offering all the amenities you need for a luxurious stay. Earning and redeeming your Hyatt points for a stay at the Tiara Chateau Hotel Mont Royal is an opportunity to experience the best of both worlds.

Enjoy the tranquility of the countryside, where rolling hills and lush green landscapes create a soothing backdrop for relaxation. And when you’re ready for a dose of Parisian charm, the city is just a short drive away.

Explore the iconic landmarks, indulge in delectable French cuisine, and immerse yourself in the magic of the City of Light. 6.

Palazzo Manfredi, Rome, Italy

Immerse yourself in history and luxury at the Palazzo Manfredi, a prestigious property located just steps away from the iconic Colosseum in Rome. This Category 8 SLH property offers a combination of elegance, sophistication, and unparalleled views of the ancient Roman ruins.

Each room and suite is exquisitely designed, with a perfect blend of contemporary style and classic charm. Redeeming your Hyatt points for a stay at the Palazzo Manfredi is an invitation to experience Rome at its finest.

Start your day with a sumptuous breakfast overlooking the Colosseum, then venture out to explore the city’s hidden treasures. From strolling through the cobbled streets of Trastevere to marveling at the priceless masterpieces in the Vatican Museums, every moment in Rome is a testament to its rich history and cultural heritage.

And when hunger strikes, indulge in a culinary journey at the hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurant, ensuring that every aspect of your stay is nothing short of extraordinary. In conclusion, the Small Luxury Hotels of the World partnership with the World of Hyatt loyalty program opens up a world of possibilities for travelers seeking exceptional experiences.

By earning and redeeming your Hyatt points at these featured SLH hotels, you can unlock unforgettable journeys and immerse yourself in luxury and comfort. From the belle epoque charm of the Brick Hotel in Mexico City to the countryside serenity of Rockliffe Hall in the United Kingdom, and from the fairytale-like setting of the Tiara Chateau Hotel Mont Royal in France to the historical wonder of Palazzo Manfredi in Rome, these SLH properties are the epitome of excellence, ensuring that your travels are filled with extraordinary moments and cherished memories.


Featured SLH Hotels for Earning and Redeeming Hyatt Points

We have explored several amazing SLH properties where World of Hyatt members can earn and redeem their valuable points. In this section, we will continue our journey by highlighting two more exceptional hotels that offer unique experiences for travelers.

From the art-filled streets of Rome to the fashion hub of Milan, these SLH properties provide the perfect blend of luxury, culture, and remarkable service. 5.

Palm Suite, Rome, Italy

Indulge your senses in the heart of Rome at the Palm Suite, a boutique hotel that combines art, design, and exquisite hospitality. Located in the historic center of the city, this Category 7 SLH property offers a truly immersive experience for art enthusiasts and luxury seekers alike.

The Palm Suite is a contemporary sanctuary where every corner is adorned with breathtaking artwork. The hotel’s dedication to the arts is evident in its carefully curated collection of contemporary works, creating an atmosphere that is both inspiring and tranquil.

Each room and suite is uniquely designed, combining sleek elegance with modern comfort. Earning and redeeming your Hyatt points at the Palm Suite allows you to immerse yourself in Rome’s vibrant art scene while staying in the lap of luxury.

In addition to its artistic allure, the hotel boasts a Michelin-starred restaurant that offers a culinary experience like no other. Indulge in exquisite dishes created by talented chefs, accompanied by fine wines from Italy’s renowned vineyards.

Each meal is a beautiful symphony of flavors that will delight even the most discerning palate. 6.

Galleria Vik Milano, Milan, Italy

For art lovers and fashion enthusiasts, the Galleria Vik Milano in Milan is the perfect retreat. Nestled in the iconic Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, this Category 6 SLH property offers a blend of luxury, culture, and sophistication.

The hotel’s prime location allows guests to immerse themselves in the rich history of Milan while enjoying world-class shopping, dining, and entertainment. As you enter the Galleria Vik Milano, you are greeted by an ambiance that pays homage to the city’s artistic heritage.

The hotel’s design seamlessly blends classic Italian style with contemporary elements, creating a unique and captivating atmosphere. Each guest room and suite is carefully curated, featuring custom-made furnishings and artwork created by renowned international artists.

Redeeming your Hyatt points for a stay at the Galleria Vik Milano allows you to experience the best of Milan’s cultural and fashion scenes. From visiting iconic landmarks such as the Duomo and La Scala opera house to exploring the vibrant Brera district, every moment in Milan is a testament to the city’s artistic legacy.

And when you’re ready for a break, retreat to the hotel’s rooftop terrace and enjoy panoramic views of the city while sipping a glass of fine Italian wine.

Newest SLH Hotels Added to the World of Hyatt Partnership

As the partnership between the World of Hyatt and Small Luxury Hotels of the World continues to grow, new properties are constantly being added to provide even more options for travelers. Let’s explore some of the newest SLH hotels that have joined the World of Hyatt partnership.

6.1 New SLH Hotels as of April 1, 2021

As of April 1, 2021, several new SLH hotels have joined forces with World of Hyatt to enhance the loyalty program’s offerings. These new additions span various destinations, providing travelers with even more options to earn and redeem their Hyatt points.

Whether you’re craving a beachfront retreat in the Caribbean or a city escape in Europe, there is a new SLH hotel waiting to welcome you. Some of the notable additions include:

– The Liming Bequia, Bequia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Nestled on the picturesque island of Bequia, this boutique hotel offers a serene and intimate retreat surrounded by stunning tropical landscapes.

– L’AND Vineyards Resort, Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal: Set amidst vineyards in the heart of Portugal’s Alentejo region, this resort combines luxurious accommodations with a unique winemaking experience. – Castillo Son Vida, Mallorca, Spain: Located on the enchanting island of Mallorca, this historical castle-turned-hotel offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and a truly luxurious experience.

6.2 New SLH Hotels as of July 15, 2021

Continuing to expand its partnership, the World of Hyatt welcomed more SLH properties as of July 15, 2021. These new additions further enhance the variety and quality of options available to loyalty program members.

From elegant city hotels to beachside resorts, the new SLH properties offer distinctive experiences that cater to a range of preferences. Some of the latest introductions include:

– Borgo Pignano, Volterra, Italy: This historic 18th-century estate is nestled in the Tuscan countryside and offers a charming escape with its vineyards, olive groves, and breathtaking views.

– La Donaira, Ronda, Spain: Located in the stunning Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, this organic farm and country retreat offers an immersive experience in sustainable living and tranquility. – The Beekman, A Thompson Hotel, New York, USA: Situated in the heart of Lower Manhattan, this iconic building boasts both historical grandeur and modern luxury.

Its location makes it the perfect base for exploring the vibrant city. As the list of SLH hotels within the World of Hyatt partnership continues to grow, loyalty program members have an ever-expanding selection of exceptional properties to choose from around the globe.

In conclusion, the partnership between World of Hyatt and Small Luxury Hotels of the World opens up a world of possibilities for travelers seeking exceptional experiences. From the art and design-filled streets of Rome’s Palm Suite to the artistic haven of Milan’s Galleria Vik Milano, these SLH properties offer unique and luxurious accommodations.

Additionally, the ongoing addition of new SLH hotels ensures that World of Hyatt members can continuously discover new destinations and enjoy even more benefits as they embark on unforgettable journeys. Prepare to unlock the world of Hyatt and indulge your senses in the remarkable experiences that await you at SLH hotels around the world.

In conclusion, the partnership between the World of Hyatt loyalty program and Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) offers World of Hyatt members the opportunity to earn and redeem points at a wide range of exceptional SLH properties worldwide. By earning and redeeming points, members can enjoy exclusive benefits such as continental breakfast, room upgrades, complimentary Wi-Fi, early check-in, and late checkout.

Featured SLH hotels, such as Tabacon Thermal Resort and Spa Nuevo Arenal in Costa Rica, Villas del Mar in Mexico, Brick Hotel in Mexico City, Rockliffe Hall in the UK, Tiara Chateau Hotel Mont Royal in France, and Palazzo Manfredi in Rome, offer unique and memorable experiences. Moreover, the continuous addition of new SLH hotels expands the possibilities for travelers.

Unlocking the world of Hyatt and exploring SLH properties is an invitation to indulge in luxury, art, culture, and natural beauty, ensuring that every journey is extraordinary. Take the opportunity to discover these remarkable destinations and create cherished memories that will stay with you long after your travels.

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