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Maximize Your Rewards: Notable Credit Card Launches of 2018

Notable Credit Card Launches of 2018

As we enter the new year, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest credit card offerings. Credit cards are valuable tools that can provide rewards, perks, and benefits that enhance our everyday lives.

In this article, we will explore some of the notable credit card launches of 2018, shedding light on their features and benefits. Whether you’re a frequent traveler, a fan of a particular hotel chain, or simply someone who wants to maximize their rewards, there’s a credit card out there for you.

Amex Hilton Aspire (and Ascend)

American Express, a leading player in the credit card market, launched two new Hilton cobranded credit cards in 2018 the Hilton Honors American Express Ascend Card and the Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card. The Hilton Honors American Express Ascend Card is a premium credit card that comes with an annual fee.

However, the benefits that come with it far outweigh the cost. Cardholders can enjoy statement credits for eligible purchases at participating Hilton hotels, as well as a generous welcome bonus.

Perhaps the most enticing perk of all is the automatic Hilton Honors Gold status, which can be upgraded to Diamond status when certain spending thresholds are met. On the other hand, the Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card is designed for those looking for an even more luxurious experience.

This premium credit card also comes with an annual fee, but offers a plethora of benefits in return. Cardholders receive a welcome bonus, automatic Hilton Honors Diamond status, and a free weekend night certificate.

This certificate alone can make the annual fee worth it, as it can be used at any participating Hilton hotel around the world. Whether you travel frequently or simply want to indulge in a luxurious stay, these American Express Hilton cobranded credit cards provide an array of benefits and rewards, making them worth considering in 2018.

Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card

In 2018, Chase introduced the

Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card, which quickly gained popularity among small business owners. This no-annual fee card offers a straightforward rewards system that appeals to many.

Similar to its sibling, the Chase Freedom Unlimited, the

Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card offers cash back on every purchase. However, this card takes it a step further by allowing cardholders to convert their cash back into Chase Ultimate Rewards points, which can be transferred to other Chase credit cards such as the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card or the Chase Sapphire Reserve.

This opens up a world of possibilities for cardholders who already possess these high-end credit cards. One of the key advantages of the

Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card is its competitive earning rate.

Cardholders earn an unlimited 1.5% cash back (or 1.5 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent) on all purchases, without any spending category restrictions. For small business owners who make a wide range of purchases, this is a valuable feature that can add up over time.

Additionally, this card also offers a generous welcome bonus for new cardholders who meet certain spending requirements within the first few months. This can provide a significant boost to your rewards balance right off the bat.

If you’re a small business owner looking for a no-annual fee card with a simple rewards program and the ability to convert to Ultimate Rewards points, the

Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card is definitely worth considering in 2018. Main Topic: IHG Rewards Premier Credit Card

Changes to IHG card and new perks

The Chase IHG Premier Card underwent some changes in 2018, bringing new perks and benefits to cardholders. If you’re a fan of the IHG hotel chain, this card might be the perfect fit for you.

One of the most valuable perks of the old IHG card was the free night perk, which allowed cardholders to enjoy a complimentary night at any IHG hotel each year. The new IHG Premier Card keeps this benefit intact, but enhances it even further.

Cardholders now receive an anniversary free night that can be used at any IHG hotel with no blackout dates. This opens up a world of possibilities for travelers who want to explore IHG’s extensive network of hotels around the world.

In addition to the enhanced free night perk, the IHG Premier Card also offers a multitude of ways to earn IHG points. Cardholders earn points on IHG purchases and enjoy automatic IHG Platinum status.

This status upgrade comes with a host of benefits, including bonus points on stays, priority check-in, and complimentary room upgrades. IHG points can be redeemed for hotel stays, experiences, and even transferred to partner airlines’ frequent flyer programs.

With a strong earning potential and valuable ways to use the points, the IHG Premier Card is a fantastic tool for travelers who frequent IHG hotels. In conclusion, 2018 saw the launch of several notable credit cards that cater to different needs and preferences.

From the American Express Hilton Aspire and Ascend cards for luxury hotel stays to the Chase

Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card for small business owners, there is something for everyone. The changes to the IHG Premier Card also brought new perks and enhanced benefits for IHG enthusiasts.

With careful consideration and understanding of your spending habits and travel preferences, you can choose a credit card that will enhance your lifestyle and provide rewarding experiences in the year ahead. Main Topic: Starwood Preferred Guest American Express Luxury Card

Merger and rebranding confusion

The merger between Marriott and Starwood Hotels in 2018 created a lot of anticipation, excitement, and confusion among loyal customers. As part of the merger, the entire Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) program was incorporated into the Marriott loyalty program, resulting in changes to the credit card offerings as well.

One of the key cards impacted by this merger was the Starwood Preferred Guest American Express Luxury Card, also known as the SPG Luxury Amex. Previously, this card was known as the Ritz-Carlton Credit Card, offering exclusive benefits and perks for Ritz-Carlton loyalists.

However, as part of the merger and rebranding, the card underwent a transformation to align with the new Marriott loyalty program. This meant that the Ritz-Carlton branding was no longer the focal point, and the card became the SPG Luxury Amex.

While the rebranding may have caused some initial confusion among customers, it’s important to understand the benefits and perks that the SPG Luxury Amex now offers. One of the most enticing features of this card is the automatic Marriott Gold status.

This status grants cardholders access to exclusive benefits, such as room upgrades, late checkout, and bonus points on stays. For those who travel frequently and enjoy the comfort and luxury of Marriott hotels, this status can enhance your travel experience and provide added value.

Additionally, the SPG Luxury Amex also offers an anniversary free night certificate that can be used at participating Marriott hotels. This certificate is valid for one night at a property with a redemption value of up to 50,000 points.

Depending on your travel preferences and desired destinations, this anniversary free night can be incredibly valuable and offset the annual fee of the card. Speaking of the annual fee, it’s worth noting that the SPG Luxury Amex does come with a higher annual fee than its predecessor.

However, the enhanced benefits and perks offered by the card more than make up for the cost. If you are a frequent traveler, especially to Marriott properties, the SPG Luxury Amex can provide great value and elevate your travel experiences.

Although it may take some time for loyal customers to adjust to the rebranding and changes, the SPG Luxury Amex is an opportunity to explore and enjoy the benefits of the newly integrated Marriott loyalty program. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the new offerings and take advantage of the perks that come with this premium credit card.

Main Topic: Implications for application strategy

One-time welcome bonus opportunity

In the world of credit cards, timing is everything. Each year brings new product launches, revamps, and refreshes, and 2019 is expected to be no different.

As a result, strategically planning your credit card applications can maximize your welcome bonus opportunities. When it comes to welcome bonuses, credit card issuers typically have restrictions in place, such as only allowing a one-time welcome bonus per card.

This means that if you’ve previously received a welcome bonus for a specific card, you may not be eligible to receive it again if you reapply in the future. Understanding this limitation, it’s important to strategize your applications to take advantage of one-time welcome bonuses.

If there’s a new credit card product on the market that you find enticing, it may be worth considering applying for it to secure the welcome bonus before it potentially disappears. Additionally, if you already have a credit card with a particular issuer, keep an eye out for any revamps or refreshes they may announce.

Issuers often make changes to existing cards, enhancing their benefits or introducing new features. By strategically applying for a revamped or refreshed card, you may be able to secure a welcome bonus while still being eligible based on the one-time bonus rule.

Looking ahead to 2019, the credit card landscape is expected to bring forth new launches, refreshed products, and possibly even changes to existing policies. It’s important for applicants to stay informed and plan their credit card applications accordingly.

By understanding the rules and limitations set by credit card issuers, you can optimize your chances of securing valuable welcome bonuses and earning rewards that enhance your financial journey. In summary, one-time welcome bonuses are a valuable opportunity for credit card applicants to maximize their rewards.

Strategically planning your applications based on new product launches, revamps, and refreshes can ensure that you secure these bonuses and make the most of your cards. As you navigate the credit card landscape in 2019, stay informed and stay one step ahead to make the most of your credit card application strategy and reap the rewards.

In conclusion, the notable credit card launches of 2018 have provided consumers with a variety of options to enhance their travel experiences and maximize their rewards. From the Amex Hilton Aspire and Ascend cards to the

Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card, these new offerings cater to different needs and preferences.

The changes to the IHG Premier Card also brought valuable perks for loyal IHG enthusiasts. Additionally, understanding the implications for application strategy, such as the one-time welcome bonus opportunity, can help individuals make the most of their credit card choices.

As we move into 2019, it is important to stay informed and take advantage of new product launches and enhancements to continue reaping the rewards that credit cards offer.

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