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Making a Splash: Discover the Best Midwest Waterpark Resorts

Waterparks in the Midwest: Exploring the Best Waterpark Destinations

If you’re a fan of thrilling water rides, relaxing lazy rivers, and exciting wave pools, the Midwest is home to some incredible waterpark destinations that are sure to make a splash. Whether you’re searching for outdoor waterparks that take advantage of the warm summer weather or indoor waterparks for year-round fun, the Midwest has something for everyone.

In this article, we’ll dive into the top waterparks in the region, highlighting their features, attractions, and accommodations. So grab your swimsuit and let’s explore the best waterpark destinations in the Midwest!


Waterparks in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Known as the “waterpark capital of America,” Wisconsin Dells is a dream come true for water park enthusiasts. With over 20 different waterpark resorts and attractions, there’s no shortage of fun to be had in this charming city.

Noah’s Ark Water Park, the largest outdoor waterpark in the United States, is a must-visit. With over 70 acres of thrilling rides, including the iconic Raja, the worlds largest water coaster, Noah’s Ark promises an unforgettable experience for all ages.

2. Waterparks in Gurnee, Illinois

Just a short drive from downtown Chicago, Gurnee is home to two major waterpark attractions.

Great Wolf Lodge, an indoor waterpark resort, offers a variety of slides, wave pools, and water play areas to keep the whole family entertained. Six Flags Great America, a renowned amusement park, also boasts Hurricane Harbor, an outdoor waterpark with thrilling water slides, lazy rivers, and splash pads.

With the perfect blend of adrenaline-pumping rides and family-friendly attractions, Gurnee is a definite must-visit for waterpark enthusiasts. 3.

Waterparks in Maple Grove, Minnesota

Maple Grove, located in the Minneapolis area, offers a relaxing and enjoyable waterpark experience at Venetian Waterpark. Situated inside the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites, Venetian Waterpark features a lazy river, multiple waterslides, and a large play area for kids.

Whether you’re seeking a weekend getaway or a fun day trip, Venetian Waterpark is the perfect destination for water lovers of all ages. 4.

Waterparks in Watervliet, Michigan

Surfari Joe’s, located in Watervliet, is a tropical-themed indoor waterpark that promises endless fun. With water slides, a lazy river, and a huge wave pool, Surfari Joe’s offers an exhilarating aquatic experience for visitors.

Adjacent to the waterpark is Fairfield Inn & Suites, ensuring a convenient and comfortable stay for travelers looking to make the most of their waterpark adventure. 5.

Waterparks in Sandusky, Ohio

Sandusky, Ohio, is home to some of the best outdoor waterparks in the Midwest. Castaway Bay, a tropical-themed indoor waterpark resort, lets visitors escape to a Caribbean paradise with its array of slides, water play areas, and a giant wave pool.

Cedar Point, known as the “roller coaster capital of the world,” also offers Soak City, an outdoor waterpark that features thrilling water slides and a relaxing lazy river. With nearby accommodations at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Sandusky and many other hotels, Sandusky is a premier destination for waterpark enthusiasts.

2. Indoor Waterparks

For those seeking waterpark adventures year-round, the Midwest is home to several fantastic indoor waterparks.

Let’s explore some of the top indoor waterpark destinations in the region. 1.

Indoor Waterparks in Grand Forks, North Dakota

Splasher’s of the South Seas, located in Grand Forks, North Dakota, brings the excitement of a tropical paradise to the Midwest. With exhilarating water slides, spray features, and a large play structure, Splasher’s of the South Seas ensures hours of fun for the whole family.

Nearby accommodations at Canad Inns and Hilton Garden Inn make it easy for visitors to make the most of their indoor waterpark experience. 2.

Indoor Waterparks in Branson, Missouri

Branson, Missouri, offers Castle Rock Resort & Waterpark, an indoor waterpark that guarantees a memorable aquatic adventure. With thrilling slides, a lazy river, and a large play area, Castle Rock Resort & Waterpark is a hit with families and waterpark enthusiasts.

Enjoy the convenience of onsite accommodations and experience all that Branson has to offer. 3.

Indoor Waterparks in Dubuque, Iowa

Dubuque, Iowa, is home to Grand Harbor Resort & Waterpark, giving visitors the perfect blend of indoor waterpark thrills and stunning river views. With water slides, a lazy river, and a water play structure, Grand Harbor Resort & Waterpark provides endless entertainment.

Nearby accommodation at the Hilton Garden Inn ensures a comfortable stay for waterpark enthusiasts. In conclusion, the Midwest offers an abundance of thrilling waterparks for individuals and families seeking a wet and wild adventure.

Whether you prefer the outdoor waterparks in Wisconsin Dells, the indoor waterparks in Grand Forks or Dubuque, or any of the other top waterpark destinations in the region, you’re guaranteed to have a splash-tastic time. So grab your bathing suit, sunscreen, and a sense of adventure, and get ready to make unforgettable memories in the waterparks of the Midwest!

Resort Waterparks: Where Fun Meets Relaxation

When it comes to waterpark experiences, nothing beats the convenience and excitement of resort waterparks.

Offering a perfect blend of thrilling rides, luxurious accommodations, and a wide range of amenities, these resorts provide the ultimate vacation experience for waterpark enthusiasts. In this article, we will explore two popular resort waterpark chains, Kalahari Resorts and Great Wolf Lodge, as well as highlight different hotel options for those seeking a comfortable stay during their waterpark adventures.

3. Resort Waterparks

3.1 Kalahari Resorts

Kalahari Resorts is a name synonymous with world-class indoor-outdoor waterparks that offer thrill and relaxation in equal measure.

With locations in Sandusky, Ohio, Round Rock, Texas, and the picturesque Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania, Kalahari Resorts has become a go-to destination for families, couples, and groups of friends seeking a memorable resort waterpark experience. At each Kalahari Resort location, guests can expect an expansive indoor waterpark, complete with multiple slides, wave pools, lazy rivers, and interactive play areas for younger visitors.

The outdoor waterpark areas are equally impressive, featuring additional slides, cabanas, and even adults-only areas for those seeking a more serene ambiance. With a variety of thrilling rides for all ages, including the Tanzanian Twister and Victoria Falls, the waterpark adventures at Kalahari are sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

But it doesn’t stop there – Kalahari Resorts also offer much more than just waterpark fun. These resorts boast luxurious accommodations, ranging from standard rooms to grand suites, designed to provide guests with a comfortable and restful stay.

Complete with African-inspired decor, plush beds, and modern amenities, each room ensures a relaxing retreat after a day of excitement at the waterpark. Additionally, Kalahari Resorts feature an array of dining options that cater to every palate.

From family-friendly buffet restaurants to upscale steakhouses, guests can indulge in a variety of culinary delights without ever leaving the resort. And for those looking to unwind and be pampered, Kalahari Resorts offer full-service spas and wellness centers, allowing you to rejuvenate both body and mind.

3.2 Great Wolf Lodge

Another renowned name in the world of resort waterparks is Great Wolf Lodge. With locations in Gurnee, Illinois, near the popular Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, and many others across the United States, Great Wolf Lodge promises a fun-filled and magical experience for the whole family.

At Great Wolf Lodge, the highlight is the indoor waterpark, which offers a wide range of attractions, including water slides, wave pools, water basketball, and interactive play areas. The resort has rides suitable for all ages, from adventurous water slides for thrill-seekers to gentle pools and splash areas for younger children.

One of the crowd favorites is the Howlin’ Tornado, a thrilling water ride that will have you swirling and splashing down a giant funnel – an unforgettable experience for everyone. In addition to the waterpark excitement, Great Wolf Lodge provides a cozy and comfortable stay with various types of themed suites and rooms available.

Whether you’re looking for a spacious family suite or a cozy den room, Great Wolf Lodge has accommodations to suit every need. Each room features comfortable beds, modern amenities, and the option to upgrade for more luxurious touches.

As an added bonus, staying at Great Wolf Lodge also grants you access to the resort’s other amenities, such as the arcade, mini-golf, and themed restaurants. 4.

Waterpark Accommodations

When it comes to choosing accommodations for your waterpark adventure, there are several hotel chains that cater specifically to waterpark enthusiasts. Let’s explore some of the top options available.

4.1 Hilton Hotels

Hilton Garden Inn and Hampton Inn & Suites are two popular Hilton brands that offer comfort and convenience for waterpark-goers. Both hotel chains provide affordable accommodations with clean and modern rooms, comfortable beds, and necessary amenities.

Many Hilton Garden Inn locations also feature spacious indoor waterparks, allowing guests to enjoy the fun of a waterpark without leaving the hotel premises. From slides and splash pads to heated pools and hot tubs, the waterpark amenities at these Hilton hotels are an exciting addition to your stay.

4.2 Marriott Hotels

Marriott Hotels, known for their quality service and comfortable stays, also have options for waterpark enthusiasts. Fairfield Inn & Suites, SpringHill Suites, and Residence Inn are among the Marriott brands that offer waterpark access and comfortable accommodations.

These hotels provide spacious rooms, complimentary breakfast, and convenient amenities such as fitness centers and on-site dining options. Whether you’re seeking a quick weekend getaway or a longer stay, Marriott Hotels have you covered.

4.3 IHG Hotels

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) is another hotel chain that offers a variety of options for waterpark lovers. From Holiday Inn Express & Suites to Holiday Inn, Staybridge Suites, and Best Western Plus, IHG Hotels provide comfortable accommodations with convenient amenities.

Many Holiday Inn Express & Suites locations feature indoor waterparks, making them a popular choice for families looking for both fun and comfort. Best Western Plus hotels offer a range of amenities, including indoor pools, hot tubs, and fitness centers, ensuring a relaxing stay during your waterpark adventure.

4.4 Other Hotels

If you’re looking for additional hotel options, various brands such as Radisson Hotel, Country Inn & Suites, Days Inn, and Springfield Suites also offer accommodations near popular waterpark destinations. While these hotels may not have their own on-site waterparks, they often have partnerships with nearby waterpark attractions, providing discounted tickets and convenient shuttle services for guests.

These hotels are a great choice for those who prefer a wider range of room options and want to explore different waterpark destinations during their stay. In conclusion, resort waterparks provide the perfect combination of excitement, relaxation, and convenience for waterpark enthusiasts.

From the expansive indoor-outdoor waterparks at Kalahari Resorts to the family-friendly magic of Great Wolf Lodge, these resorts offer thrilling rides, luxurious accommodations, and a wide range of amenities to ensure a memorable vacation experience. And when it comes to accommodations, hotel chains like Hilton, Marriott, and IHG offer comfortable options with convenient amenities to suit your needs.

So pack your swimsuit and get ready for endless fun and relaxation at the incredible resort waterparks of the Midwest!

In conclusion, resort waterparks in the Midwest offer an exceptional vacation experience, combining thrilling rides, comfortable accommodations, and a wide range of amenities. Kalahari Resorts and Great Wolf Lodge are two prominent names in the industry, each offering unique and unforgettable waterpark adventures.

Additionally, various hotel chains such as Hilton, Marriott, and IHG provide convenient accommodations for waterpark enthusiasts. Whether you’re seeking indoor or outdoor waterparks, the Midwest has something for everyone.

So, grab your swimsuit and dive into the excitement and relaxation of resort waterparks – an experience that will leave you with cherished memories and a refreshed spirit.

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