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Inflight Delights: Airlines with Kid-Friendly Meals for Happy Travels

Title: Flying with Kids: Airlines and Meal Options to Keep Them Happy and FedFlying with kids can be an adventurous and memorable experience, but it can also pose some challenges. From keeping them entertained to ensuring they have meals that suit their tastes and dietary needs, it requires clever planning and preparation.

In this article, we will explore the kid-friendly meal options provided by various airlines, along with helpful tips and suggestions for flying with kids.

Airlines and Their Kid-Friendly Inflight Meal Options

Air France

– Air France offers specially made meals for kids, including a child’s meal that caters to their preferences and dietary restrictions. – They also provide kid-friendly inflight snacks to keep young travelers content during their journey.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines offers a Kids Choice Picnic Pack, which is a complimentary meal for children traveling on their flights. – Passengers can also pre-order inflight meals for their kids, ensuring they have their preferred choices.

– First-class fares include complimentary meals for all passengers, including children.


Allegiant focuses on providing an enjoyable inflight experience for kids by offering snacks and drink packs tailored to their tastes. – Their Deluxe Wingz Kids Snack Pack includes a variety of treats, ensuring that children have plenty of options to keep them satisfied during the flight.

American Airlines

American Airlines offers special meals for children, including child meals and baby meals with age-appropriate options. – Passengers can pre-order their meals, allowing them to choose from a range of options and cater to their child’s dietary requirements.

British Airways

British Airways follows a “Feed Kids First” policy, ensuring that children are served their meals before adults. – Passengers can also order meals in advance, guaranteeing that their children have their preferred choices.

– For infants,

British Airways provides jarred baby food to meet their unique nutritional needs.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines offers a range of kid-friendly meals, including breakfast options, lunch, and dinner choices. – To ensure availability, passengers can reserve meals in advance, making the journey more convenient for both parents and children.

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines offers complimentary child meals on their flights, providing young travelers with a delicious and satisfying dining experience. – Parents can request these meals in advance, ensuring their children’s dietary preferences are taken into consideration.


KLM provides a child meal box on their intercontinental flights, designed to appeal to young taste buds. – Passengers can pre-arrange their child’s meals, allowing them to select from a range of options.


Lufthansa offers specially curated children’s menus in collaboration with renowned chef Alexander Herrmann. – Complimentary meals are provided, ensuring that children are well-fed during their flight.

They also offer baby-appropriate foods for infants.

Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines offers a Kids Snack Box as part of their inflight menu, packed with tasty treats to please young passengers. – Parents can also opt for add-on food options for their children, ensuring they have a variety of choices during the journey.

United Airlines

United Airlines provides child meals that cater to young taste buds, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner options available. – Complimentary meal service is provided for all passengers, including children.

– To ensure availability, passengers can request their meals in advance, guaranteeing a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Tips and Suggestions for Flying with Kids and Meal Planning

Challenges of Flying with Kids

– Flying with kids can be a turbulent experience, as they may feel bored, scared, overexcited, or overtired during the journey. – Clever planning can help alleviate these challenges and ensure a more enjoyable flight for both parents and children.

Importance of Meal Planning and Preparation

– As mealtime approaches, keeping picky eaters satisfied becomes crucial. Airlines offering kid-friendly meals alleviate this concern.

– Parents can also consider packing a backpack full of activities and snacks to keep children occupied throughout the flight.

Bring Your Own Food for Infants

– For parents traveling with infants, it is advisable to bring their own baby food and bottle-feeding supplies. – This ensures that their little ones receive familiar and appropriate nutrition during the journey, reducing stress for both child and parent.

Snacks and Drinks for Inflight Entertainment

– In addition to the inflight meals provided by airlines, packing a variety of snacks and drinks can help keep children entertained and content throughout the flight. – Having a well-stocked backpack with nutritious and delicious options ensures that hunger pangs are easily satisfied.


Flying with kids can be an exciting adventure, especially when parents are well-prepared and armed with knowledge of kid-friendly airline meal options. By exploring the offerings of various airlines and implementing helpful tips for inflight meal planning, parents can ensure that their little ones are happy, fed, and entertained throughout the journey.

With a little foresight and preparation, flying with kids can be a stress-free and enjoyable experience for the whole family. In conclusion, flying with kids can be made easier and more enjoyable by taking advantage of the kid-friendly inflight meal options provided by various airlines.

Airlines such as Air France,

Alaska Airlines, and

British Airways offer specially made meals and snacks tailored to children’s preferences and dietary needs. Pre-ordering meals and requesting them in advance can ensure a smooth journey, while bringing your own food for infants helps guarantee their nutritional requirements are met.

Additionally, packing a backpack with a variety of snacks and drinks can keep children entertained during the flight. By planning ahead and utilizing these tips, parents can ensure their children are happy, well-fed, and content throughout their flying experience.

Bon voyage!

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