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Easter 2021: Resilient Spending Virtual Gatherings and Sweet Surprises

Title: Easter 2021: Spending, Celebrations, and Gatherings During a PandemicEaster is a time of joy and celebration, but with the ongoing pandemic still affecting our lives, this year’s festivities may be different. In this article, we will explore the projected spending for Easter 2021 and how individual consumers plan on splurging on food and gifts.

Additionally, we’ll delve into the changes in Easter celebrations and gatherings, from virtual events in 2020 to the possibilities of in-person gatherings in 2021. So, let’s dive in and discover how Easter will shape up this year!

Easter Spending in 2021

Projected spending for Easter 2021

As we approach Easter 2021, let’s take a look at the projected spending for this year. According to a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation (NRF) and Prosper Insights & Analytics, spending for Easter is expected to reach a staggering $21.6 billion.

Although this represents a slight decrease from the $21.7 billion spent in 2019, it still showcases the resilience of consumers in the face of the pandemic. However, it is interesting to note that despite the decrease in overall spending, per-person Easter spending is estimated to hit an all-time record.

Consumers are projected to spend an average of $179.70 on Easter-related expenses, surpassing the previous record of $151.91 set in 2019. This indicates that individuals are willing to splurge a little more this year to make the most of the holiday.

Individual spending on Easter food and gifts

A significant portion of Easter spending is dedicated to food and gifts. According to the NRF survey, consumers are expected to spend around $18.2 billion on these items.

Whether it’s preparing a lavish meal or purchasing thoughtful presents for loved ones, Easter is a time when consumers open their wallets a little wider. Interestingly, the increase in individual spending is driven by a surge in food expenses.

The survey reveals that consumers plan to spend an average of $63.14 on Easter food, including delicious chocolates, baked goods, and traditional holiday meals. This trend reflects the importance of culinary delights in Easter traditions.

Additionally, gift-buying is anticipated to contribute greatly to Easter spending. Consumers plan to spend an average of $30.57 on gifts for family and friends, including Easter baskets filled with treats, toys, and other joyful surprises.

This demonstrates that despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the spirit of giving remains strong, and individuals find joy in sharing gifts with loved ones.

Easter Celebrations and Gatherings

Virtual gatherings and celebrations in 2020

Last year, Easter celebrations took a different turn due to lockdowns and travel restrictions imposed by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Many families had to cancel or alter their plans, leading to the rise of virtual gatherings and celebrations.

Through the power of technology, families organized virtual egg hunts and connected with distant loved ones. However, it was undeniable that the absence of in-person festivities left a void that could not be fully filled virtually.

Relaxed travel restrictions and in-person gatherings in 2021

This year, the anticipation of relaxed travel restrictions and an increase in vaccinations has sparked hope for in-person Easter gatherings. According to an NRF survey, a staggering 79% of Americans plan to celebrate Easter, with many eager to return to traditional activities.

While virtual celebrations may still play a role for those unable to travel or uncomfortable with in-person gatherings, cooking a holiday meal and visiting family and friends top the list of anticipated Easter activities. However, it is important to note that in-person celebrations will require precautions in adherence to the guidelines set by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

Wearing masks, maintaining a distance of 6 feet, and sitting outdoors whenever possible are just a few of the recommended safety practices for those planning to come together for Easter meals and get-togethers. Conclusion:

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Easter Gifts

Gift spending for Easter

When it comes to Easter, Americans are known for their generosity. According to the NRF, the average amount spent on Easter gifts is around $31 per person.

With this in mind, individuals strive to find the perfect Easter basket, filled with delightful surprises, for their loved ones. Easter baskets are a time-honored tradition, and gift-givers take into consideration the age and preferences of the recipients.

For young children, popular Easter basket stuffers include wind-up bunnies and chicks, chalk eggs for sidewalk art, and craft sets for patio or flower decoration. These items bring joy and encourage outdoor activities, especially during the beautiful spring season.

For older children who still appreciate the classics, small toy cars, soap bubbles, and a sand pail for outdoor adventures are always a hit. As for teens who are often found with their noses buried in their smartphones, Bluetooth-enabled devices such as earphones or speakers could be an exciting addition to their Easter baskets.

Additionally, organizers or storage solutions for their messy rooms, stylish backpacks, or trendy home dcor pieces might make thoughtful gifts. For those looking to go all out, a portable inflatable lounger or a bigger-than-average Easter basket can make the experience even more memorable.

Trendy Easter basket stuffers

As the times change, so do the trends in Easter basket stuffers. This year, certain items have gained popularity due to their unique and exciting qualities.

Wind-up bunnies and chicks, for example, add a touch of whimsy and playfulness to Easter baskets. These charming toys bring cheer and entertainment as they hop and waddle across the floor.

Another trendy Easter basket filler is a set of chalk eggs. These colorful, egg-shaped chalks are perfect for little artists who love to unleash their creativity outdoors.

Children can transform their driveways and sidewalks into vibrant works of art, creating masterpieces that will brighten up the neighborhood. For those looking for Easter gifts that promote outdoor activities, craft sets such as paintable outdoor stones are a fantastic choice.

These kits provide all the necessary materials for children to decorate their own unique stones, which can then be placed in the garden or patio as decorative ornaments. Not only does this foster creativity, but it also encourages appreciation for nature and the beauty of their surroundings.

Of course, classics never go out of style. Toy cars continue to capture the hearts of children, igniting their imagination and providing endless hours of fun.

Soap bubbles, with their magical shimmering spheres, are another everlasting favorite, bringing smiles to both young and old. And for those seeking even more adventure, a glider or a kite can take Easter playtime to great heights, quite literally.

As children transition into their teenage years, their tastes and interests evolve. Technology plays a crucial role in their lives, making Bluetooth-enabled devices especially appealing.

From earbuds for immersive music experiences to portable speakers for impromptu gatherings, these gadgets are sure to impress the tech-savvy generation. For teenagers who value organization and style, Easter gifts that enhance their living spaces are highly sought-after.

Creative storage solutions, trendy backpacks, or unique home dcor pieces can make their rooms feel inviting and reflect their unique personalities. On the other hand, those who enjoy relaxing outdoors might appreciate a portable inflatable lounger where they can lounge and unwind.

Easter Candy

Candy spending for Easter

What would Easter be without the sweet delights of candy? As an integral part of the Easter tradition, candy is an indulgence that many look forward to.

According to an NRF study, consumers are projected to spend an average of about $25 on Easter candy alone. This demonstrates the significance of sweet treats in making Easter a truly delightful occasion.

Among the wide array of candy choices, chocolate bunnies and eggs continue to be a crowd favorite. The sweetness of the chocolate, combined with the whimsical shapes of bunnies and eggs, evoke a sense of seasonal joy.

Whether given as gifts or enjoyed personally, these treats are a timeless symbol of Easter. Another classic Easter candy that has captured the hearts and taste buds of many is the jellybean.

These small, chewy sweets come in an assortment of vibrant colors and flavors, adding a burst of fruity goodness to Easter celebrations. The fun and playful nature of jellybeans make them a popular choice for Easter egg hunts, where children eagerly search for these hidden treasures.

Peeps, the colorful marshmallow confections that resemble adorable chicks, are another beloved Easter candy. With their soft texture and sweet taste, Peeps have become an iconic symbol of the holiday.

Whether enjoyed fresh from the package or used in various Easter-themed recipes and decorations, these little marshmallow creatures add a touch of whimsy and joy to the festivities.

Candy shopping for non-celebrators

Not everyone plans to partake in big Easter celebrations, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the delectable treats associated with the holiday. According to the same NRF study, consumers who are not planning a large celebration for Easter still find joy in browsing the candy aisles.

They may choose to pick up some Easter candy as a small indulgence to savor during this festive time. For those who fall into this category, the average amount spent on Easter candy is about $21.

This modest expenditure allows individuals to enjoy the delightful flavors of the season without the need for elaborate festivities. It’s a chance to treat themselves and experience the joy that Easter candy brings, even if it’s in a more intimate and personal setting.

In conclusion, Easter gifts and candy play significant roles in the holiday’s celebrations. With generous spending on gifts and a wide range of options for Easter basket stuffers, individuals can make their loved ones’ holiday truly special.

Additionally, indulging in the delightful sweetness of Easter candy allows everyone, regardless of the scale of their celebrations, to experience the joy that comes with this festive occasion. So, whether it’s through creative gift-giving or savoring delicious sweets, let’s embrace the spirit of Easter and celebrate the season of renewal and togetherness.

In summary, this article has explored various aspects of Easter, including spending, celebrations, gifts, and candy. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, consumers are projected to spend a significant amount on Easter-related expenses, with individual spending reaching an all-time high.

From virtual gatherings to possible in-person celebrations, Easter traditions continue to evolve, reflecting the resilience and adaptability of individuals. Gift-givers consider the age and preferences of recipients, filling Easter baskets with trendy and classic items.

Easter candy remains a beloved indulgence, with chocolate bunnies, jellybeans, and Peeps taking center stage. Ultimately, Easter is a time to cherish loved ones, embrace traditions, and indulge in the joy that accompanies this special holiday.

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