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Discover the Best Small Businesses in Your Community

Support Local Businesses: Celebrate Independent Retailer Month

Did you know that July is Independent Retailer Month? This is the perfect time to show support for small and local businesses in your community.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, creating jobs and contributing to local economic growth. In this article, we will explore the importance of supporting small businesses, the economic impact of spending at local independent stores, and showcase some amazing small retailers that deserve your attention.

Importance of Supporting Small and Local Businesses

Small businesses play a vital role in our communities. They bring unique products and services, personalized customer experiences, and a sense of community.

By supporting small businesses, we help them thrive and contribute to the local economy. Small retailers often source their products from local artisans and manufacturers, promoting local talent and craftsmanship.

When you shop at small and local businesses, you are not only making a purchase, but you are also making an investment in the community. Small businesses create jobs, support local suppliers, and keep money circulating within the community.

According to The Institute for Local Self-Reliance, for every $100 spent at a local independent store, $52 stays in the community through secondary local spending. In contrast, only $14 stays in the community when the same amount is spent at a big-box chain.

Economic Impact of Spending at Local Independent Stores

The economic impact of spending at local independent stores goes beyond the immediate transaction. When you buy from a local business, you are supporting their growth and allowing them to hire more employees.

Small businesses are more likely to hire locally, keeping jobs in the community and reducing unemployment rates. In fact, according to the Small Business Administration, small businesses have been responsible for creating two-thirds of net new jobs over the past few decades.

Additionally, small businesses generate tax revenue for local governments, which can be used to fund community projects, schools, and essential services. When small businesses thrive, the entire community benefits.

Job Creation by Small Businesses

Small businesses are the engines of job creation. They provide employment opportunities for people in their communities and often offer more flexible working arrangements.

By supporting small businesses, we can contribute to job creation and help our communities prosper. Not only does job creation help individuals and families earn a living, but it also fosters a sense of pride and stability within the community.

Small businesses often have a personal connection with their employees and can provide a supportive work environment. By shopping at local businesses, you are not just making a purchase, but you are also investing in the well-being of your community and its residents.

Small Business Spotlight

Now that we understand the importance of supporting small businesses, let’s take a moment to highlight some amazing small retailers that deserve recognition. These retailers have unique offerings and contribute to their communities in various ways.

Check them out, and consider showing your support by making a purchase or spreading the word about their businesses:

1. Culture Shock: This small retailer specializes in vintage clothing and accessories, offering a curated collection of unique pieces that are sure to make a statement.

2. Homage: If you’re a fan of sports and pop culture, Homage is the place to be.

They create nostalgic apparel that pays tribute to iconic teams, players, and moments in history. 3.

Home/Work: This small retailer focuses on home goods and decor sourced from local artisans. Their beautiful and sustainable products will help you create a cozy and stylish living space.

4. illuminate B.

Candles: Looking for a relaxing ambiance? illuminate B.

Candles offers hand-poured soy wax candles made with premium fragrance oils. Light one up and let the stress melt away.

5. Maison Miru: Jewelry lovers, rejoice! Maison Miru offers delicate and stylish jewelry that is perfect for everyday wear or special occasions.

Treat yourself or find the perfect gift for a loved one. 6.

Pet Portables: Pet owners who are always on the go will appreciate the convenience of Pet Portables. They offer portable and collapsible pet bowls and accessories, making it easy to keep your furry friends hydrated and fed wherever you are.

7. Taylor Jay: Fashion-forward individuals will love the unique and ethically made clothing from Taylor Jay.

Their designs are versatile, comfortable, and perfect for any occasion. 8.

The Time Travel Mart: Step into The Time Travel Mart and embark on a journey through time. This unconventional retailer offers an array of quirky and imagination-inspiring products that will transport you to different eras.

9. TREEHOUSE Kid and Craft: If you have little ones in your life, TREEHOUSE Kid and Craft is a must-visit.

They provide a curated selection of eco-friendly toys, art supplies, and educational materials for children. 10.

WILDFANG: Breaking gender norms and embracing individuality has never looked cooler. WILDFANG offers clothing and accessories that defy traditional gender boundaries, allowing individuals to express themselves authentically.

By supporting these small retailers, you are not only getting unique and high-quality products, but you are also contributing to their growth and success.


This July, let’s celebrate Independent Retailer Month by showing our support for small and local businesses. The importance of supporting small businesses cannot be overstated.

By shopping at local independent stores, we are helping to boost the local economy, create jobs, and foster a sense of community. Take the time to explore the diverse range of small retailers in your area and show your support.

Together, we can make a difference and create thriving communities. Shopping Mistakes You’re Making and How to Stop

We all love to shop, whether it’s for clothes, gadgets, or home decor.

However, without even realizing it, we often fall into the trap of making common shopping mistakes. These mistakes can lead to overspending, buyer’s remorse, and cluttered homes filled with things we don’t really need.

In this article, we will explore the most common shopping mistakes and provide you with tips on how to avoid them. Additionally, we’ll discuss the concept of “splurge, settle, or skip” when shopping and highlight some purchases that buyers almost always regret.

Common Shopping Mistakes

1. Impulse buying: One of the biggest shopping mistakes is making impulsive purchases.

We see something we like, and without considering the need or the quality, we buy it on the spot. This often results in regret and wasted money.

2. Falling for sales and discounts: Many of us are attracted to sales and discounts like moths to a flame.

We convince ourselves that we are saving money, but in reality, we end up buying things we don’t need or want just because they are on sale. 3.

Keeping up with trends: It’s easy to fall into the trap of wanting the latest trends in fashion, technology, or home decor. However, chasing trends often leads to constant spending and never feeling satisfied with what we have.

4. Ignoring quality: Sometimes, we get so caught up in the excitement of finding a good deal that we forget to consider the quality of the item.

Buying cheaply made products may save money in the short term but can lead to dissatisfaction and having to repurchase items more frequently.

Tips to Avoid Shopping Mistakes

1. Make a shopping list: Before heading out or browsing online, make a list of the things you genuinely need.

Stick to this list and avoid deviating from it unless absolutely necessary. 2.

Set a budget: Determine how much you can afford to spend on shopping and stick to that budget. This will help you avoid overspending and impulse buying.

3. Wait before making a purchase: If you see something you like, give yourself a cooling-off period.

Wait at least 24 hours before making a decision. Often, this waiting period allows us to evaluate whether the item is truly needed or just a temporary desire.

4. Consider the long-term cost: When evaluating a purchase, think about the long-term cost and value of the item.

Will it last? Will you still use it in the future?

Making thoughtful and informed decisions can help avoid buyer’s remorse. Splurge, Settle, or Skip When Shopping

When it comes to shopping, differentiating between items worth splurging on, settling for, or skipping altogether can save both money and regret.

Here are some guidelines to help you decide:

1. Splurge: Certain items are worth splurging on because they offer long-term value or enhance your quality of life.

Examples include a high-quality mattress, a durable winter coat, or a reliable car. 2.

Settle: There are times when settling for a slightly cheaper or less extravagant option makes sense. This could apply to everyday clothing or household items that serve their purpose effectively without the need for extravagance.

3. Skip: Some purchases are best skipped altogether because they don’t align with your values, are unnecessary, or are simply not worth the cost.

Analyze your needs and consider whether a purchase is truly essential before proceeding.

Purchases Buyers Almost Always Regret

While each person’s tastes and preferences vary, certain purchases tend to lead to buyer’s remorse more often than not. Here are some purchases that buyers commonly regret:


Impulse tech gadgets: The allure of the latest phone, tablet, or gadget can be strong, but often, these purchases become obsolete quickly or don’t live up to their hype, leading to disappointment. 2.

Trendy fashion items: Fashion trends come and go, and purchasing trendy clothing items that quickly go out of style can lead to regret and wasted money. Opt for timeless pieces that can be paired with various outfits instead.

3. Bargain-bin furniture: While it’s tempting to save money on furniture, buying cheaply made items can result in uncomfortable or quickly deteriorating pieces.

Invest in solid, well-crafted furniture that will last a long time. 4.

Expensive exercise equipment: Many people buy expensive exercise equipment with the intention of using it regularly, only to see it gather dust after a few months. Consider cheaper alternatives or try out different classes or activities before investing in equipment.

By being aware of these common shopping mistakes and following the tips provided, you can make more mindful purchasing decisions and avoid unnecessary regrets.


Shopping can be fun and exciting, but it’s important to be mindful of the common mistakes that we often make. By avoiding impulse buying, resisting the temptation of sales, and considering the long-term value of our purchases, we can make wiser decisions that lead to greater satisfaction and financial well-being.

Remember the concept of “splurge, settle, or skip” when evaluating purchases and be aware of the purchases that buyers almost always regret. By being thoughtful and intentional with our shopping habits, we can make better choices and create a more fulfilling shopping experience.

Finding Local Businesses: The Power of Online Search and Community Resources

Supporting local businesses is a wonderful way to contribute to your community and discover unique products and services. However, finding these local gems can sometimes be a challenge.

Fortunately, with the advent of technology and the availability of community resources, locating and connecting with local businesses has become easier than ever. In this article, we will explore two effective methods for finding local businesses: online search and utilizing the local Chamber of Commerce website.

Using Online Search and Instagram

When it comes to finding local businesses, online search engines and social media platforms like Instagram are invaluable tools. Here’s how you can leverage them effectively:


Online Search: Start by conducting a simple online search using keywords related to the type of business or service you are looking for along with your location. Search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo can provide a wealth of information and local listings.

For example, if you are interested in finding local coffee shops, search for “coffee shops near me” or “local coffee shops in [your city].” This will generate a list of nearby coffee shops along with reviews, ratings, and contact information. 2.

Online Directories: In addition to search engines, several online directories specifically cater to local businesses. Websites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, and TripAdvisor allow users to search for businesses by location and category.

These platforms often provide customer reviews, ratings, and contact details, helping you make informed decisions about which businesses to support. 3.

Social Media Platforms: Social media has become a powerful tool for discovering local businesses. Instagram, in particular, is a fantastic platform for finding and supporting small, local ventures.

Many local businesses have Instagram profiles where they showcase their products, share updates, and interact with customers. Utilize hashtags and location tags associated with your area to explore businesses in your community.

For example, searching hashtags like #localbusiness, #[yourcity]smallbusiness, or #[yourcity]shoplocal can lead you to a treasure trove of local businesses in your area.

Utilizing Local Chamber of Commerce Website

Another valuable resource for finding local businesses is the website of your local Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce is an organization dedicated to promoting local businesses and fostering economic growth within a community.

Here’s how you can utilize their website to discover and support local businesses:

1. Business Directory: Most local Chamber of Commerce websites have a business directory that lists various local businesses categorized by industry.

This directory often includes contact information, website links, and a brief description of each business. Explore the directory to find businesses that align with your interests and needs.

2. Special Events and Promotions: Chambers of Commerce frequently organize special events, promotions, and campaigns to support local businesses.

These can include community-wide shopping days, discounts, or collaborations between businesses. Explore the events section or promotional offers on the Chamber of Commerce website to stay updated on these initiatives and discover new businesses participating in them.

3. Community Resources: Local Chamber of Commerce websites often provide additional resources such as guides, maps, or directories that highlight specific sectors or points of interest in the community.

These resources can be of great help when searching for specific types of businesses or exploring particular areas within your community. By harnessing the power of online search engines, social media platforms, and the resources offered by your local Chamber of Commerce, you can easily find and connect with local businesses.

Remember, supporting local businesses not only benefits your community’s economy but also allows you to discover unique products and services that may not be available elsewhere.


Finding and supporting local businesses is a rewarding endeavor that contributes to the vitality of your community. Through the power of online search and the resources provided by your local Chamber of Commerce, discovering and connecting with local businesses has never been easier.

Utilize search engines, online directories, and social media platforms like Instagram to uncover a plethora of local businesses near you. Additionally, explore your local Chamber of Commerce website for business directories, events, promotions, and community resources that can further enhance your local business discovery journey.

By actively seeking and supporting local businesses, you are making a positive impact on your community, fostering economic growth, and reaping the rewards of unique and personalized products and services. Supporting local businesses is crucial for the growth and vibrancy of our communities.

Through effective methods such as online search engines and social media platforms like Instagram, we can easily discover and connect with local businesses. Additionally, utilizing the resources provided by our local Chamber of Commerce can further enhance our ability to find and support these businesses.

By engaging in this process, we not only contribute to the local economy but also gain access to unique products and services that add value to our lives. So, let’s make a conscious effort to support local businesses, as they are the heartbeat of our communities and the key to fostering a thriving and interconnected society.

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